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Is Jagdeo’s memory failing?

 Sep 17, 2017  , kaieteur news My Column  by adam harris There are many occasions when people rely on their memory. I, like many, have been caught trusting my memory and getting things all wrong. What we do is place ourselves at a place and time when something happens. Years later we…

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Moving social cohesion beyond words

By Mosa Telford stabroek news A woman of African descent wrote on social media this week, “Amerindians are animals and should go back to the bush.” The post resulted in people of all ethnicities condemning her and the condemnation in part saw her being subjected to racial slurs. People are imperfect, often…

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Guyana Times

Can the Indian-Guyanese speak?

by ravi dev, guyana times September 17, 2017 In a recent letter to the press, Eric Phillips, Executive of ACDA, but now Advisor to the President of Guyana and SARA, and Chairman of the Guyana Reparations Commission, accused me and four other “feature writers” of the Guyana Times as follows:…

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Ralph Ramkarran, Stabroek

Race: President Granger has the power in his hands

By Ralph Ramkarran stabroek news Membership of our two main political parties does not necessarily imply that one is a racist or subscribes to an ethnic approach to politics. The leaderships of both parties seriously strive, largely unsuccessfully, to broaden the leadership and membership of their parties. That they have not been successful…

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A Conversation On Race

By Ruel Johnson, guyana chronicle, September 17, 2017    I TURNED 37 yesterday.  That puts me firmly out of reach now of the most generous definitions of youth, so I’m not a man who is big on birthday celebrations or receiving gifts just for growing a year older.  On Friday…

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David Hinds' Media Comments, Kaieteur News

The Cabinet supremacy model…Parties must speak up or we will all suffer – WPA Executive Member

 Sep 17, 2017  kaieteur News When it comes to the “Cabinet-supremacy” model, Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. David Hinds, believes that parties within the coalition administration must speak up on certain matters or else “we will all suffer.” The political analyst made this, among other statements, in his…

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Give thanks to the WPA

By David Hinds, Guyana Chronicle September 17, 2017    EVERY society must grapple with its complexities at one level or the other. After all, societies are made up of and defined by the activities of humans who are ultimately complex beings. Whatever the shortcomings of Guyana’s media, it is characterised…

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