Walter Rodney

Stabroek, Walter Rodney

A shining light in the darkness

STABROEK NEWS LETTERS STAFF WRITER June 21, 2016 T   Dear Editor, Thirty-six years haven’t seemed to erase or dull the misrepresentations, falsehoods, ignorance, disparagements and, I might even add, a kind of grudge that have been perpetrated and perpetuated by some people against one of our finest heroes ‒ Walter…

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Guyana Times, Walter Rodney

Jagan and Rodney

Guyana Times Editorial June 13, 2016 By Editor Today is the death anniversary of Dr Walter Rodney, whose political activism can be summed up by the slogan “Power to the People”. On Thursday, Enmore Martyrs Day, on which Dr Cheddi Jagan gave a commitment to struggle for the poor, will…

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