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April 2017

Henry Jeffery, Stabroek

Coupling African and Amerindian land issues

By HENRY JEFFREY stabroek news April 26, 2017 Given its historical development and situational context, outside of pure formalism (an emphasis on form rather than content), to which this regime appears particularly prone, there are no good logical, historical, political, economic, social or other reasons why it should have decided to couple…

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Kaieteur News

Education COI reveals…Ghost teachers lurking in the system – COI Chairman– Minister calls situation “high fraud”, “beyond powers of the Ministry”

kaieteur news  Apr 29, 2017 News  Sometime ago calls were made for the Ministry of Human Services, now the Social Protection Ministry, to launch an investigation into allegations of an Old Age pension list fraught with ghost pensioners. However, a similar state of affairs has now been uncovered within the…

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