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June 16, 2017

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Arnie joined the army “…To the lesser count of manslaughter”“… For the purpose of trafficking”

 By A. A. FENTY stabroek news June 16, 2017 Today I ask my editor for one of those “time-outs.” From the consequences of mis-management of the (political) economy to the daily doses of crime, traffic mayhem and corruption–related reports, I become frequently overwhelmed mentally. (So “blessings to those capable of penning daily columns…

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Roopnaraine has been demoted

stabroek news letter June 16, 2017 Dear Editor, Dr David Hinds may be tugging at straws when he asked in the press for a meeting between the WPA and President David Granger. There is no need for such a meeting.  The Granger government marketed the APNU+AFC brand in 2015 for deceptive…

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