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July 2017

Clive Thomas, Stabroek

More on the economic features of mini refineries

By DR CLIVE THOMAS stabroek news  July 30, 2017 Today’s column concludes the coverage on the economic characteristics of mini-oil refineries, started last week. Following that, I address two considerations which have immense bearing on the viability of mini refineries. These are 1) the expected price of crude oil at about the time such…

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Man and the bottle

By MOSA TELFORD stabroek news  July 29, 2017 Like a play, we all have a beginning, a middle where we face various challenges and conflicts that we must resolve, and, of course, an end. We do not know how the script will unfold for us at the start. But at some point,…

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Ralph Ramkarran, Stabroek

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder

by RALPH RAMKARRAN stabroek news  July 30, 2017 Being away for the past six weeks allowed me the luxury of leisurely contemplating Guyana from afar. The news emerging was not encouraging. The prison was burnt down and prisoners escaped; then more escaped from Lusignan. A disaster waiting to happen, it was said, but…

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David Hinds Blog, Guyana Chronicle News

The meaning of emancipation

guyana chronicle July 30, 2017 AS Guyana observes another Emancipation anniversary, it must not only be a moment of celebration, but also a time of deep reflection, especially among African-Guyanese. There is, of course, much to celebrate. Any people who have been the victims of the most inhumane system in…

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Cricket, David Hinds' Media Comments, Kaieteur News

Injunction quashed! …‘The way is now clear for us to have elections’ – Claude Raphael

kaieteur news  Jul 27, 2017  Sports By Sean Devers Two days after the Guyana Cricket Stakeholders staged a peaceful protest against the Government of Guyana outside the Office of Attorney General Basil Williams to highlight Government’s apparent reluctance to address the issue of the injunction preventing Elections of the Guyana Cricket Board,…

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