stabroek news letters

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed your editorial titled, ‘Yellow and green’ (SN, Feb 15), which is yet another labour of love on your part to encourage the ruling coalition to practise inclusiveness. At some point, your paper may have to publicly acknowledge that Guyana is heading down an old, familiar, deadly path.

Never mind the current celebratory frenzy with all of the decorating and painting in “yellow and green,” as the speaker of the House would have it. Let us be excused, for we are truly a rich country to be able to afford a Speaker who does not know what the colours of our national flag are.

It is good, also, that your editorial called out the WPA. To say the party has become “mute” is to be kind. With the exception of Mr Eusi Kwayana, it is a great throwback on Guyana’s political culture that some seasoned political figures who have done much to make Guyana a better place, have now conveniently succumbed to the wind blowing from Congress Place.

If we were situated in the past, the WPA would have long resigned from government in light of what this regime has done with the CoI for the late scholar, Dr Walter Rodney. Dr Rodney did not campaign against the coalition during the 2015 national elections, but he clearly became its first target for destruction. Public enemy number one. Again. Even in death, the PNC is afraid of the man.

On a more serious note, sometimes people paint to beautify something, but most times they do so to hide what is old, stained, or rotten. The coalition may have shut down the CoI, but someone ought to tell them that there is not that much yellow and green paint in all of Guyana, to make beautiful a politics of theirs that seemingly is exclusive and ugly.

Yours faithfully,

Rakesh Rampertab