When it comes to addressing the issue of State violence, University Professor, Dr. David Hinds says that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has a lot to answer for.
The columnist recently lashed out at the political opposition in his recent writings after noting comments made in the past few weeks by the PPP Executive members on the findings of the Walter Rodney COI Report.
Dr. Hinds found it quite hypocritical that the PPP would even see the said report as a victory when it has its own skeletons to answer for.
The political activist said that the PPP’s record in government when it comes to state-directed political violence against known opponents and citizens mostly of one ethnic group stinks to high places.
“Yet it pretends that Walter Rodney’s assassination must be treated separately. This is an insult to the memory of the very Rodney they claim to defend. I maintain that Rodney’s assassination is linked to those carried out under the PPP’s watch,” stated Dr. Hinds.
He added that while the circumstances may differ, at the end of the day, murder at the hands of the government and State is still murder. From Donna McKinnon who was killed by a bullet that allegedly came from Freedom House, the PPP’s headquarters, to the murder of Crum Ewing, he stressed that the “PPP has a lot to answer for.”
He hopes that this would be done sooner rather than later.
Speaking with Kaieteur News yesterday, former President Donald Ramotar said that he is disappointed in Dr. Hinds and his comments on the issue of State violence.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Former President, Donald Ramotar

“I want to make it clear that the PPP was never involved in any State violence and had nothing to gain from that. Crum-Ewing and McKinnon did not threaten us. None of them threatened the PPP politically. And that is not how we operate.
“We have always believed in the strength of our arguments and Hinds by his comments has degenerated into a PPP hater who wants to divert attention from the Rodney report and start sharing blame as if both parties are guilty of State violence which is utter nonsense. He has now become a PNC lover. And therefore to make them look good he has to cast aspersions upon the PPP.”
The PPP Executive Member said, too, that “unlike the PNC, the PPP could withstand any COI into its 23 year rule without fear, knowing that not a single thread of evidence would be found to suggest that it is guilty of state violence.”
Ramotar just a few days ago commented on the findings of the report and the treatment of the COI by the Coalition government. He recalled that the Commission had the mandate to identify those responsible for Rodney’s murder.
Ramotar said that as is well known, Walter Rodney was one of Guyana’s most renowned scholars and revolutionists. He said that the great orator was not just a patriot, but a man who commanded the respect of the International community. He emphasized that the Guyana scholar was also held in very high esteem among the fighters for social emancipation in the Caribbean region and further afield, particularly in Africa.

Political activist, Dr. David Hinds

The late Courtney Crum Ewing

The Former President said that the circumstances surrounding his untimely death have left a gaping wound in the conscience of the Guyanese society. He asserted that it has also damaged the reputation of the country among democratic and peace-loving people in the world.
Ramotar recalled that when he established the Commission of Inquiry, it was with the hope that its work would bring closure to “this horrible episode in our country and heal the wound to this nation’s conscience.”
The Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) said that the Inquiry was also aimed at bringing closure to the family, whose sufferings over the years can only be imagined.
“I had hoped that bringing out the truth would have helped to heal many of the rifts that exist in our society. After many consultations I appointed three eminent legal personalities from our Region to undertake that important assignment.”
The politician said that unfortunately, from the beginning, the APNU/AFC government showed great hostility to the Rodney Commission. He said that the Government brought the inquiry to a premature end after millions were already spent on this project.
He said that it would appear as though the PNC-led APNU/AFC regime is preparing to reject the Commission’s report and to continue to dishonour the memory of Walter Rodney.
He said that it will only go down as another “shameful page in the conduct of our affairs by this de facto regime.”