stabroek news

Social activist Mark Benschop and his Benschop for Mayor group were at press time losing badly to APNU+AFC and also coming behind Team Legacy in Local Government Elections yesterday in South Ruimveldt Park/Ruimveldt Industrial Estate.

Out of seventeen First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) Ballot boxes counted by Stabroek News last night in constituency 14, APNU+AFC’s Sherod Duncan was trouncing Benschop. From the 17 boxes, Duncan gathered 1,317 votes compared to Benschop’s 235. Benschop was also behind Saiku Andrews of Team Legacy who pulled in 405 votes. There was a smattering of votes for the other candidates in the FPTP contest.

After not gaining votes at the May general elections last year, the stakes were seen to be high for Benschop’s ambitions to elected office. The FPTP results which largely mirrored the group’s performance in the proportional representation aspect of the elections will likely raise questions about his electability despite years of social work and a high profile as a result of his being imprisoned for several years on a treason charge.

Full results are expected to be available shortly from GECOM.