When Donald Trump’s popularity began to widen, people met me and asked what was wrong with the American people. They should have asked what was wrong with the Guyanese people. water g
As a Guyanese you have to be possessed with illusions of superiority to think that something is weird with the American people that they can vote for Trump for President.  When you look at the total local government election results, Guyanese would gladly vote for a candidate ten times sillier, stupider and crazier than Donald Trump.
After twenty-three years of PPP’s domination, a new government came to power ten months ago. In local government elections, a majority of people voted for that party that was in office for twenty-three years and in which time, rural development not only stood still but regressed.
Before the local government elections last week, this newspaper carried countless stories of macabre, depraved corruption that sucked the life out of this country under the PPP. Just check the past few days of this newspaper’s editions and see what happened with land giveaways, the conspiracies at the Guyana Energy Agency and Guyoil – hundreds of millions of dollars were lost to this poor land.
While the hemorrhage of money went in corrupt directions, backwardness continued to stalk the lands of Region 2, 3, 5, 6. But look at the LGE results. In Wakenaam, an island where its inhabitants are fleeing to more prosperous parts of Guyana, the count was 773 for the ruling coalition to 1,430 for the PPP. You go to Wakenaam during the 23 years of PPP rule and you saw a land that time forgot. Between Mon Repos which has the dirtiest market in the world to La Reconnaissance, the PPP picked up 7,501 votes to 686 for the coalition. Between Tuschen and Uitvlugt, APNU-AFC got a mere 1,619 to the PPP’s 7,006. In electoral jargon that is a massacre.
Raphael Trotman, (whose presence in politics shows the abject wretchedness of Guyanese politics since colonial times, in that you don’t know if he is AFC or APNU, if he is an AFC Minister or APNU Minister, if he is an AFC Parliamentarian or APNU Parliamentarian), said on Thursday that the Coalition is satisfied with the results. A contest whereby the Coalition lost the national LGE by 29,000 votes, Mr. Trotman said the Coalition is satisfied with the outcome. In the darkness of Mahaica where motorists have to pray that they do not run off the road at night, the Minister is happy that Mahaicans rejected his party (oops – which one AFC or APNU?) Maybe we have entered the season of political masochism.
If you think it is incredible that a country can elect Donald Trump as President, then, what do you call the madness of the LGE results in Guyana last week? Backwards districts without lights, roads, clean environments, furnished schools, police protection, water supply, medical facilities, employment opportunities, still voted for a party that brought on these disasters and which had been in government from October 1992 to May 2015, almost 23 years. In this period, with a rundown economy, the PPP leaders using state money, built a Marriott Hotel for 60 million American dollars
Let’s juxtapose life in Guyana under the PPP that overall won the total number of votes cast in the LGE. Sixty million US was spent on a Marriott, but the country folks that voted for the PPP will not be able to save their homes when fire strikes, because the hoses of the fire tenders have more holes than a basket. Surely, such a sordid state of affairs cannot be attributed to the APNU-AFC Government that is just a mere ten months in power.
The photographs in this column show that the building on fire could not have been saved, even if the fire service had responded in the speed of light, because the water was going elsewhere and not at the structure that was burning. One colossal hole was sending a tsunami-like flow to another building about four houses away from the flaming structure. In fact, this building was damaged by the misdirected water; part of the façade and the shed were destroyed.
The term, “misdirected” needs explaining.  Because of the gargantuan hole, the velocity was going elsewhere.  As you can see in another photo, several smaller holes were sending water to the ground and not at the burning building. Then there is the photo in which one of the firefighters is standing aimlessly with a hanging hose, waiting for water to flow through it. All of this – the LGE results and the porous water hoses – is occurring weeks before we celebrate 50 years of Independence.