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The Alliance for Change (AFC) is not happy with the seats it has been allocated for the Linden council as part of the winning APNU+AFC team which captured 15 of the 16 seats at the March 18 elections.

Vladimir Glasgow
Vladimir Glasgow

This same issue surfaced last week in relation to the Georgetown council.

According to Vladimir Glasgow, an executive member of the AFC, before the local government elections there was some agreement between  AFC and APNU  that APNU would take the first-past-the-post seats (8), and the AFC  would take the proportional representation seats (7). As it turned out, that reported agreement was not kept.

“I was told by my leaders that they have negotiated for five seats out of the fifteen seats that the party won in Linden, but was only awarded two”, said Glasgow.

Sandra Adams, campaign manager for APNU+AFC in Linden told this newspaper that she has no knowledge of such agreements and as for the swearing in of the new municipality, that it would be held on Friday April 1, 2016.