Nepotism is at its best in the selection of Council members for the Mabaruma Municipality.  Three members from one family – Leslie Robinson, his son-in law, Mark Persaud, and his daughter-in-law, Carolyn Robinson are among the councillors identified by the People’s Progressive Party. Then there is the husband and wife team of Victor Boyer and his common law wife, Euranie Bennett on the same ticket.  The sixth member of the People’s Progressive Party on the Municipality is lone ranger Vibert Emmanuel.
Carolyn Robinson was at the centre of a massive fraud at the Mabaruma Sub-Treasury some years ago. She continued to be paid a salary until May 2015.
Business people were defrauded of millions of dollars and are still seeking after their monies.  Documents are with the Ministry of Finance.
Not satisfied with the tied seats, the PPP officials are taking to the communities to advise them that no development will take place.