Let me say from the outset of this analysis, that I find Donald Trump a repellant politician. I have no problems with him as a human; he is a father, a husband and a citizen of the world. But as a politician, he is offensive in his ideological outlay. There are countless millions who are like Trump whose politics is as obnoxious as Trump’s but the world will never ever know about them. Trump worries the world because he could be the next President of the US. I doubt that though.
I doubt that, because people are speaking out against Trump and the voices are increasing daily by leaps and bounds; the latest is his questionable university. The attitude of the American people to Trump will, in the end, defeat his ambitions. We do not see a similar attitude to Bharrat Jagdeo in this country.
The publisher of this paper, Mr. Glenn Lall, said last month that he would like to see the reaction of many prominent East Indians to the findings of the forensic audits. I understand that not even four from that stratum of the society chose to go public with their comments.
Jagdeo-commentIn this county, serving on the journalistic menu is a quotidian lunch of horrible corruption exposure from the forensic audits. The latest is the GWI audit. A caveat is important. Corruption is not only theft of money. Surely, a PPP supporter and the big administrator at Guyana Times, Ravi Dev is familiar enough with French philosophy to know what deconstruction means. If you deconstruct the word “corruption,” it doesn’t mean stealing or misappropriating money only
Corruption is involved when I put up my car in my home garage, still collect my monthly gas stipend from the Ministry and have been using the Ministry’s vehicle that was specially placed in the hand of the Ministry’s outreach officials for them to do their interior work. But they cannot get it because I have it in my possession day and night all the time. That is corruption. What the forensic audits have revealed is the manipulation and personal possession of funds to the tune of hundreds of millions of American dollars by the governmental leaders under the presidencies of Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar
I do not read the asininities, banalities, acidities of certain so-called Indian writers; their mental nastiness sickens the mind. You may think this is an exaggeration and a deception but I swear on my parents’ grave that I so deeply love that this is the truth. The list includes Ravi Dev. I was having lunch with Dr. David Hinds last Wednesday at Excellence Restaurant on Charlotte Street and I told him I was deeply disappointed that Eusi Kwayana could have written Hindu priest Aksharananda to complain to him about an accusation made against him by the newspaper that Ravi Dev is in charge of.
I want Eusi to know that I am personally chagrined by his poor display of judgement and naivety. I interpret the political writings of Aksharananda to be analysis that comes within the tradition of bigotry, supremacist denunciations of the other side and tribalist defence of the PPP Government. I don’t read this gentleman any longer. Like the rest of that category, there is a total evasion of any discussion on the gigantic financial conspiracy that characterized the Jagdeo regime.
Amidst colossal revelations of the giveaway of this poor country’s resources to a tiny, super-rich cabal, this mind-set is obsessed with the past and not the present mess that the Jagdeo oligarchy left us in.
At my age, I do not want to get up in the morning and at the breakfast table read about people telling this nation about rigged elections, Burnham’s power drunkenness and violence in the seventies, riots in the sixties, American overthrow of Jagan, banned food items etc. It is like modern Germans writing about what Hitler did more than seventy years ago.
More than half of the population of Guyana wasn’t born in the sixties and seventies. They have their complete lives ahead of them. They need to know what happened to their country’s resources ten years ago that have contributed to the impoverishment of the University of Guyana which is the university they have to attend. Uunlike the children in Jagdeo’s cabal, they cannot afford foreign universities.
This country was saved either by God, luck or some miracle. Think of what is coming out of those forensic audits and reflect on what the future would have been like if Jagdeo, Ramotar, Luncheon, Rohee and Teixeira were victorious in the 2015 General Elections. The thought is too horrible to contemplate.