Feb 20, 2017 kaieteur News

 Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. David Hinds, is disillusioned by the fact that the Government has not taken an aggressive approach towards Constitutional Reform.
In a recent interview with this publication, he stressed that there has simply been no energy from the government in this area. This is most disappointing, he said.
Dr. Hinds asserted that Guyana is not going to break out of its political stranglehold if the authority of the day does not change the rules of engagement. Dr. Hinds insists that power has to be democratized. The political activist said that the Constitution must reflect the character of the country.
“The Executive presidency has to go—it’s too imperial. Winner takes all elections rules must go. Local Government must be removed from the tyranny of the Central Government and most of all, they must be controlled not by party zealots, but by the people.”
The WPA Executive Member remarked that it is a shame that the government has not moved on these matters. Additionally, the political activist said that there has been an over-concentration of power in the hands of a few people—the Cabinet.
He stressed that this is dangerous for democracy. Dr. Hinds commented that decision making in a Coalition cannot be confined to a few people in Cabinet. He said that it simply defeats the logic and praxis of a Coalition.

“The APNU does not function—it’s a partnership in name only. The APNU+AFC do not function outside of Cabinet. Recently an AFC member revealed that problems are ironed out by the leaders. This is a clear case of personalizing power at the expense of institutions.”
Dr. Hinds commented that the government essentially runs the risk of killing institutions and reinstating “one-manism and two-manism.”
He said that the Government can still do better.
“I still have hope that this government would find its feet and dance better than it has done. I do not want the PPP to put its hands on power in the near future, at least not by themselves and not with the current crowd in charge. Guyana cannot and should not be subjected to another round of extreme abuse that is sure to come from that party.”
He noted however that the citizenry should not let the fear of the PPP lead it to condone the lethargic and uninspiring leadership of the government.
“If we have to take to the streets, as the anti-parking meter protestors are doing, to inspire them to lift their game, then so be it—they have to do better. If they don’t, even the oil which we eagerly await will not save them and us.”