guyana chronicle July 4, 2017

Elton Wray

…former staff of NAREI
The bandit killed this morning during a shootout with police at Republic Bank Water Street branch has a degree in agronomy which he obtained studying in China.
Elton Wray also previously worked at the National Agricultural Research & Extension Institute (NAREI).

Republic Bank Water Street branch was closed Tuesday morning after five bandits attacked an armored vehicle that was about to make a deposit at the bank.
Many of the vendors and bank staff were seen ducking for cover as the robbery occurred. One of the bandits was shot and killed while another was wounded and is a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Three other suspects were apprehended by police.

Reports indicate that the security personnel from Professional Guard Service was about to make a deposit at 7:30hrs when they came under fire from several gunmen. The guards defended the cash as they exchanged fire with the bandits injuring one in the process.
Police arrived on the scene and another bandit was shot and killed, a 9mm pistol was recovered. One of the bandits was nabbed in the nearby Vendor’s Mall where he ran into a shop to seek refuge, but vendors alerted the police and security teams. One vendor said “I nearly s!@# myself when I hear gunfire, then I realise is a robbery, them don’t want to work, and this is the end result, death and jail.”

Divisional Commander Marlon Chapman arrived at the scene and related after the investigations conclude and he is briefed then he will be making a statement. Traumatized bank employees quickly rushed out of the shattered glass door of the bank making their way outside. Police are currently at the scene taking evidence