Jul 09, 2017 News

 Recently, the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) noted that the Minister of Natural Resources,

Raphael Trotman, is yet to even acknowledge its letter of concern about the oil deal Guyana has struck with ExxonMobil.
About a month ago, the party wrote Minister Trotman asking for the public release of details surrounding the ExxonMobil contract. The party seems to think that at a mere minimum, Minister Trotman, could have had his office acknowledge receipt of the letter.
WPA Executive Member, Dr. David Hinds, said that the party wrote because it felt that it is essential for the nation to know what is happening. “If this is about Guyana’s oil then Guyanese need to know what it is you are negotiating on their behalf. But to date the Minister has not even had the courtesy of acknowledging the WPA‘s letter.”
Dr. Hinds continued, “Again we wish to point out to the Guyanese people that we are a partner in Government and we write to the government and say we feel that this should have been the course of action but they did not have the courtesy to respond.”
Dr. Hinds said that that is another example of the contraction of power within the coalition to just a few “and so yes we feel that short of national security the agreement should be published. We read about a Minister saying that because of national security they cannot release information.”
Dr. Hinds said that he is sure that the information will be released in the United States of America because it is not classified.
WPA’s Tabitha Sarabo-Halley said, too, that the WPA notes that Government has refused to heed its call for a release to the public of the details of the contract it signed with Exxon Mobil. She said, “Today we renew that call. We believe that Government’s explanation that national security concerns has prevented it from making a public disclosure is not convincing.
“As we said in our initial letter to the Minister, There is no justifiable reason for not publishing this contract. Seeking public comment on it is our democratic obligation. And engaging the widest possible sharing of views can only help the coalition government to make wiser decisions.”