Jul 11, 2017 kaieteur News

 While the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) remains peeved as a result of many of the actions and decisions made by the government, including the renting of $500,000 homes for ministers, the party is not considering leaving A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).
At least this is what was told to the media at WPA’s most recent press conference held at its Queenstown head office.
WPA executive member, Dr. David Hinds said that the party is taking things one step at a time and is looking at this stage to sort out its differences with the coalition. He told the media that while he is aware that the WPA does not generate many votes, he still thinks that it makes a valuable contribution to the coalition and as such would not want to withdraw.
“We do not want to undermine the coalition.”

Among the contributions that the WPA can make, according to Dr. Hinds, is the formulation of a manifesto “we know how to do that good.”
“We do not want to go to the point of disengagement. We are firmly committed to making this government work, because we have been in the trenches for 40-odd years trying to bring about change, and we feel that the present government has a unique opportunity to bring about some semblance of change in this country. We have worked hard to pull this government into power and we do not want to bring the government down. That is not part of our calculation. What we want is to be meaningfully engaged.”
At a previous press conference, Dr. Hinds told the media, “There are some who believe that we have erred on the side of support for government and others who feel that we have been balanced. For us it is not an easy task, we have always championed coalition government from the time of Dr. Walter Rodney who put a lot of effort into something that we called a government for national unity and reconstruction. We had put that out in 1979. So therefore we have been the party of coalition and we do not want to be the party that kills a coalition.”
A meeting is scheduled later this month with all five parties that stand as part of APNU. The WPA said that it will be sure to highlight a majority of its concerns at that forum.