Sep 03, 2017  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon

Over the past two years, there have been several letters in the press enquiring about the absence of any employment connection with the new government given the public’s knowledge that I campaigned for the then opposition in the May 2015 general elections.
The latest are two letters last week. One is by well known AFC executive, Leonard Craig, and the other by a person who says he is New York-based and pens his name as Parsnauth Jaipersaud.
It is not only in the press that I read about this sentiment; I have heard it from people constantly since May 2015. I am penning this clarification here, because of the words of Mr. Jaipersaud. He wrote; “Was Freddie offered a position but was unreasonable. Did he demand what couldn’t be offered?” After May 2015, I wasn’t made any offer from anyone in the AFC or APNU and never made any enquiry about any interest of mine to any Minister of the Government.
After May 2015, with the election over, I went my way and never spoke to any AFC or APNU Minister from May 2015 until today’s date. From May 2015 until now, the only Minister in Government I ever spoke with for more than ten minutes was Ronald Bulkan, over representation I made on behalf of an employee in Region Three’s RDC. I spoke with Moses Nagamootoo over my cousin-in-law’s loss of his job after the government changed, because he was not a political person and did his work professionally. I spoke for less than five minutes with David Patterson at Aubrey Norton’s birthday lime.
I kept away from the AFC that I campaigned with after the general elections, because I never wanted anyone to accuse me of tossing my name around to get things. I am not interested in getting things from any government. The truth of my election activism is that I campaigned with the AFC, and not for the AFC. I battled in the elections to stop the return of the PPP. It began and ended there. I think it would be a grave act of dishonesty to say I wanted to see the AFC and APNU get into power for philosophical and ideological reasons. My politics and philosophy have nothing in common with the ontology of the PNC and AFC.
freddie-kissoon-300x273I wanted to see the PPP lose power, because I believed that party had become a diabolical machine that if it got back into office, would have resulted in harm to me, my family and people and organizations I care about like Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, Nigel Hughes, Khemraj Ramjattan, Michael Carrington, just to name a few.
I chose the AFC over APNU for two reasons. Nigel Hughes and Khemraj Ramjattan were lawyers who helped me to defeat PPP’s prosecution and persecution nastily directed at me. I could not turn my back on them if they were contesting the election.
Secondly, APNU was out, because its foundation is the PNC, and I cannot and will not function with any organization whose raison d’être comes from ethnic support. Organizations like the PPP, PNC, ACDA, and Indian Arrival Committee may all be very nationalistic institutions in their own right, but they are ethnically based, and I will be an unhappy functioning with them.
I may be wrong, but at the time, I saw the AFC in multi-racial terms so I campaigned for it, speaking at about 35 public meetings in Region 3 4, 5, and 6. But at no time was I ever a member of the AFC or integrated myself into the AFC.
Here is something I never made public before. The AFC’s head office has two levels. The top level was only for about thirty persons who were allowed to enter the upper flat and the security ranks had their names. The bottom flat was for campaign workers and lower level support staff. Such persons had to ask permission to go upstairs.
All during the entire campaign, I never went to the upper level. I never asked any executive member for permission to go there, even though I got important stuff that I solicited for the campaign. I did not want to toss my name around. No leader of the AFC could contradict what I have written here about going upstairs.
I will not make any request to any APNU or AFC leader for a job offer, because it will give rise to two situations. One is that because I am Freddie Kissoon I think I am entitled to this or that. Secondly, such behaviour will make people disrespect and humiliate you. I am happy with the life I live.