Sep 19, 2017  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon

There has been an outpouring of sentiments the past week denouncing the hypocrisy of people like Gail Teixeira and Bharrat Jagdeo.
The list includes well known Guyanese names – Khemraj Ramjattan, Adam Harris, Lincoln Lewis and Dr. David Hinds. No responding exposure from Guyanese who lived through the fifteen years of Jagdeo’s hegemony (August 1999- April 2015) will force the PPP’s leadership to apologise for vicious mistakes made.
The apology awareness is nowhere in their thoughts. We will come to the 2020 elections and you will not find one instance where the dinosaurs and the brutal young Turks in the PPP’s Government would have admitted to even one mistake.
How do you explain this psychology? One is that, they are afraid that if they confess to a damaging error, there will be demands on them to admit to more nasty ones. The second explanation is that these people do not have a psychological understanding of human frailties so for them the PPP is a strong, invincible organism that has historically been the embodiment of the truths of Guyanese history. From the second theory you can read then that the PPP leaders have no consciousness of the political pathologies they have committed.
The second one appears nonsensical to the average person but we must never dismiss the inexplicable mind of the human being. I honestly think that both Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham thought they were special people and that there were no others like them in Guyana; that Guyana needed them.
Possessed with this kind of mentality, they saw critics, detractors, enemies and competing leaders as mediocre souls who don’t know better and should be dismissed or stopped. While Jagan was conscious of his leadership faults because of a lack of intellectual endowments, Burnham was aware of his own erudition and it reinforced his instinct of invincibility.
Which of the two best explains the barefacedness of the current PPP’s hierarchy? A hierarchy that keeps on accusing the Coalition leaders of immoralities that pale in significance when you think of the depraved monstrosities that hierarchy threw upon this nation. It depends on the types that are in the PPP’s kingdom today.
I think both theories can be found inside the mind of the older generation of PPP leaders. This list includes Luncheon, Teixeira, Rohee, Ramotar, and even Ralph Ramkarran.
freddie-kissoon-300x273These stalwarts have been intimately connected with the soul of the two Jagans – Cheddi and Janet. This long intimacy has shaped who they are and their psyche. Ramkarran over the weekend used the adverb, “immediately” in asking for Donald Ramotar to be the Prime Minister and 49 percent of Cabinet given to the PPP in a power-sharing formula. No doubt Ramkarran feels that the PPP as the governing party will do good. His thinking is that the party is made of that stuff that will enable them to do good in government. I would say the second concept does not reside in the bandwagon that Jagdeo brought into the PPP after he won the 2001 elections.
Please note Ramkarran submitted Ramotar’s name for the PM slot and not Jagdeo’s.
These are people who were never associated with the golden moments of opposition politics when the PPP and the WPA were comrades. Here is something readers ought to know. When he was on the stand in the libel writ that President Jagdeo brought against me and this newspaper, Roger Luncheon was asked by Jagdeo’s lawyer when he first knew Jagdeo. He said after 1992. It simply meant that for all the years the PPP was fighting in the wilderness, Luncheon never saw or knew who Jagdeo was.
It is this bandwagon, along with the dinosaurs who will not acknowledge any wrongdoing when in Government. Led by Jagdeo, this is a group of pathological liars that are in desperate mood – they have to fool their supporters to retain their loyalty. The second concept outlined above does not apply to these Jagdeoites. These are PPP’s newcomers who have no taste for even a modicum of political principles.
They see Guyana in racial terms and in zero sums ways. It is either the PNC or the PPP. This is the message that they are telling their supporters. This is the fight for them. What PPP’s leaders are doing is obfuscating their venalities and depravities and accusing the present government of the very abominations that they perpetuated on this nation.
It is important for every decent Guyanese to respond. It is important to document and publicise their corruptibility and semi-fascism when they were in power. It is important that this corruptibility finally climaxes in the courtrooms of Guyana.