Jan 10, 2018  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon

In all seriousness, if you set out to review Guyana in 2017, you will end up with two months of articles. So much took place that was egregious, banal, primitive, regressive, ill-thought-out, heartless, oppressive, that it proves to the world that this country lacks leadership that thinks and leadership that will not transform Guyana.
When I saw this particular disappointment, I suggested to one of Kaieteur News’ editors that the image should be used as the front page photo.
Have the people of Georgetown seen how the government rehabilitated the Kitty Post Office?
It is a disgraceful, insulting act to the people of this country. I know the way Forbes Burnham, former President, thought about transforming Guyana, and he would not have accepted the tiny, almost non-existent structure our present leaders have put up and are calling it a post office.
Kitty is one of the areas of Georgetown I know extremely well, thus I know what the previous post office looked like. The two-level wooden structure deteriorated over the decades and no doubt the crumbling effect was accelerated by the philistine character of our previous regime – the Jagdeo/Ramotar oligarchy.
It was not only the Kitty Post Office that was left in ruins, but so many other structures, that the entire process constitutes the savage abuse of power in a poor country. Those who were responsible should be charged. I believe in the totality of human rights, but I will accept a process whereby legislation is passed and made retroactive to prosecute those two former presidents and their ministers for abuse of power.
freddie-kissoon-300x273Guess who the chairman was of the Guyana Post Office Corporation, thus had authority over the Kitty Post Office during the reign of the ignoramuses – 1999-2015? The man who tried to imprison me for writing about the Ethnic Relations Commission during his tenure of chairmanship; the man who replied to me in this newspaper to inform me that he was ordained as a bishop at the Square of the Revolution where 200,000 were in attendance; the man who told the public at a PPP election campaign that if Jesus was a Guyanese and could have voted his ballot would have gone to the PPP; the man who told the House Speaker in December last year that he would not obey his order to leave – no other than Juan Edghill (oops, make that Bishop Edghill)
Allow me a diversion before I return to the nonsensical thing built late last year in Kitty by our current administration. My Monday column was headlined, “A rape did occur last year in Parliament.” In that essay, I asked who was raped, because a number of female PPP parliamentarians were crying out loudly “rape, rape, rape” as the police moved in to remove the godly man.
Yesterday, a member of the staff of Parliament Office who witnessed the infamy asked not to be identified. She told me a particular PPP parliamentarian during the fracas was shouting, “look, look the police want to rape Edghill.” She told me that this PPP legislator has been captured on camera calling Edghill’s name. So has the puzzle been solved? When the PPP parliamentarians shouted “rape, rape, rape,” was the intended victim the godly man?
Back to the asinine post office in Kitty.
Honestly, there are very wealthy persons in Guyana whose dogs are kept in a larger accommodation than the size of the rebuilt Kitty Post Office. How can this government knock down a two-level structure and build that nonsense?
This incompetent regime pays private owners rent for government buildings, why then not put back a two-storey structure and use the upper level as a government building? People are constructing higher, but not the foolish leaders we have and have had, like those in the PPP. The PPP idiots put up a two-storey building on Camp Road at the junction with Young Street for police training. They could easily have made it three levels.
Please don’t take my word for it; go and see the tiny stupidity that has replaced the old Kitty Post Office. I feel sorry for the owners of Bounty Supermarket across the road on Alexander Street. Anytime, you have a deluge of pensioners and people buying stamps, the numbers will overflow, and Bounty will have to accommodate them in the supermarket. But suppose that happens when on that very day Bounty too is filled with customers!
Mashed up life just goes on in this country. I will miss another review tomorrow. Instead I want to look at a terrible thing that happened in the court on Monday.