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Read more is the homepage of political activist and academic Dr. David Hinds. It is a source for news on discourse and analysis of socio-political and cultural developments in Guyana and the Caribbean in general. Dr. Hinds and others share insights and shed light on all things Guyana/Caribbean--from cricket, reggae and calypso to politics and history.

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Interested in
Guyana-Caribbean politics?
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Henry Jeffery, Stabroek

National Youth Policy: a charade?

By HENRY JEFFREY stabroek news October 26, 2016 The social environment created by those striving for political dominance does not allow for an authentic popular expression of national concerns for it cannot accommodate the kind of democratic participatory institutions that are necessary if such policies are to be found and fructify. Thus the…

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David Hinds' Media Comments, Stabroek

Meeting of Cabinet at GDF HQ pilloried by Jagdeo -presidential complex undergoing urgent repairs

 By stabroek news STAFF WRITER October 26, 2016  Government’s decision to move Cabinet meetings to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Base Camp Ayanganna, while “urgent repairs” have started at the Ministry of the Presidency, has been condemned by the opposition and criticised by observers. “There is a blurring of the line between…

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David Hinds Blog, Guyana Chronicle News

What’s new?

By David Hinds -guyana chronicle October 22, 2016 –Reflections on the potential impact of Brexit on the Anglophone Caribbean SINCE Britain has left the European Union, there has been a raging debate about its consequences for Britain, Europe and beyond. This is understandable, given Britain’s and Europe’s centrality to the global…

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KNEWS-Freddie Kissoon

Bharrat Jagdeo, AKA Donald Trump

Bharrat Jagdeo, AKA Donald Trump Oct 24, 2016 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon Here are the words of the former President, Bharrat Jagdeo: “Yesterday I explained that Kaieteur News had applied for a radio licence, but was not issued one. The role of the media has been accepted as a…

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We never should have celebrated the 50th in such a big way

JUNE 1, 2016 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER FEATURES / COLUMNISTS, FREDDIE KISSOON I challenge anyone in the PPP leadership or the current government to question my commitment...

Granger delivers inspiring sermon –at opening of SDV Guyana Conference

President Granger addressing the gathering at the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, at the opening of the Guyana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists on Friday evening (Delano William photo) guyana chronicle...

There is nothing corrupt about the Minister of State’s actions

stabroek news letters Dear Editor, Forbes Burnham in 1985 noted in his last interview with the Caribbean Press “In life and politics as in mathematics you have to accept...

Audit shows $35M missing from Sugar Welfare Fund

MARCH 23, 2016 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS – years of no audited financial statements – opportunities for investment squandered by management By Jarryl Bryan The forensic...