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Read more is the homepage of political activist and academic Dr. David Hinds. It is a source for news on discourse and analysis of socio-political and cultural developments in Guyana and the Caribbean in general. Dr. Hinds and others share insights and shed light on all things Guyana/Caribbean--from cricket, reggae and calypso to politics and history.

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Guyana-Caribbean politics?
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Guyana Chronicle News, News

Local Government Elections are here

guyana chronicle editorial February 7, 2016  LOCAL Government Elections (LGE) are now mere weeks away. Many would argue that the very fact that these elections would take place represents a major achievement for the present Government, which had made LGE a major campaign issue. In fact, it was one of…

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Clive Thomas, Stabroek

The Wales situation

dr clive thomas, stabroek news Introduction: one-off As I have done over the past several years, I had intended, some time much later in the year, to devote a few columns to an update on the state of Guyana’s sugar industry. A number of readers, however, have been repeatedly urging…

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Gov’t wins praise for awaiting collective bargaining on public servant salaries - union leaders skeptical over tax threshold hike

stabroek news january 31 While some union leaders are encouraged by government’s decision to await the end of the collective bargaining process to announce any increase in public servant...

Granger: no need for full probe of operation that claimed three lives -relatives of Brassington, Ramson Jr said to be traumatised

-3,000 NICIL files taken in SOCU raid stabroek news As questions pile up and pressure mounts on his administration over a botched intelligence operation that resulted in three deaths...

‘We got to crush racism’ –no one group is bigger than Guyana, says PM Nagamootoo

We got to crush racism’ –no one group is bigger than Guyana, says PM Nagamootoo James Richmond presenting Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo with a copy of his poem, “Golden...