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Read more is the homepage of political activist and academic Dr. David Hinds. It is a source for news on discourse and analysis of socio-political and cultural developments in Guyana and the Caribbean in general. Dr. Hinds and others share insights and shed light on all things Guyana/Caribbean--from cricket, reggae and calypso to politics and history.

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Sase Singh responds to Vishnu Bisram

Dear Editor: One reason to write a letter to the press is to flush from the deep thickets of the self, some thoughts and feelings you didn’t know were in you as you try to document your understanding of the world. You ardent wish every time you start to write…

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Guyana Chronicle News

A new Independence covenant

Guyana Chronicle Editorial May 2, 2016  WE HAVE entered the month of May — the month when, 50 years ago, the Union Jack was lowered for the last time and the Golden Arrowhead was hoisted for the first time.That simple act brought to a symbolic end 132 years of colonial…

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Kaieteur News

AFC bashes WPA member for “unwarranted” criticisms

MAY 2, 2016 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS The Alliance For Change (AFC) strongly disagrees with recent criticisms that it has lost its political conviction and has become an opportunistic faction within the coalition administration. These accusations were leveled against the Party by Executive Member of the Working…

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Demerara Waves

Mixed reactions about Stabroek Market area restoration

demerara waves Posted by: Denis Chabrol in Business, News, Politics May 1, 2016 3 Comments Stalls around the Stabroek Market area were Sunday morning demolished and badly clogged drains cleaned, leaving the more than 100 vendors divided with some saying they feel politically betrayed by a government they voted for….

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Set up Interim Power Sharing Government instead of going to General Elections now

I ended my last letter to the press by suggesting that another election fight under the same rules may not be best thing for Guyana at this time and...

Our elders

by mosa telford, stabroek news It is no secret that groups of elders in many societies are afflicted by a number of issues, such as health problems, financial woes...

Rex Nettleford: Caribbean Nationalist

Whenever I heard Rex Nettleford speak or read his writings I was reassured that I was part of something special. He appealed to three of my defining identities–Black, CaribbeanGuyanese...

Tony Vieira explains why licenses cannot be revoked right now

MARCH 23, 2016 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER LETTERS Dear Editor, I am a member of the Guyana National Broadcast Authority (GNBA) stand on the matter of the...