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Archives is the homepage of political activist and academic Dr. David Hinds. It is a source for news on discourse and analysis of socio-political and cultural developments in Guyana and the Caribbean in general. Dr. Hinds and others share insights and shed light on all things Guyana/Caribbean--from cricket, reggae and calypso to politics and history.

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David Hinds' Media Comments, Kaieteur News

Guyana deserves more from its politicians…unite in face of ExxonMobil’s might- Dr. David Hinds

 Oct 03, 2017  kaieteur News Political Scientist, Dr. David Hinds Political Scientist and Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. David Hinds, has always acknowledged that Guyana needs ExxonMobil. However, Dr. Hinds is of the opinion that some politicians have failed to realise that ExxonMobil needs Guyana too; “otherwise, the…

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The media, party politics–and the shaping of political attitudes in contemporary Guyana

By David Hinds -October 1, 2017    TODAY’S column expands on an issue I have hinted at in previous columns without elaboration: the convergence of party politics, the media and the shaping of political attitudes in contemporary Guyana. Over the last few months, PPP leaders and activists have been on a seemingly…

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Spare the rod

By Mosa Telford September 23, 2017  stabroek news The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the United Nations in 1989 and approved by the Government of Guyana in 1991. Article 19 (1) states: “States Parties shall take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child…

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KNEWS-Freddie Kissoon

Leguan, Big Kiss and Wallerby’s Delight

 Sep 25, 2017  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon  I spent last Saturday at the funeral of one of my wife’s cousins (my wife has more relatives than hurricane-hit Dominica) in the island of Leguan. I haven’t been to Leguan in twenty years. And honestly, the place looks the same as back then….

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David Hinds' Media Comments, Kaieteur News

Guyana will remain stuck unless there is real Constitutional Reform… Racial inequality, winner takes all politics must be addressed- Dr. Hinds

 Sep 25, 2017  kaieteur News    By Abena Rockcliffe- Campbell Political scientist, Dr. David Hinds thinks that no amount of oil money can save Guyana from its current trajectory. Dr. Hinds thinks that Constitutional Reform is imperative to the dismantling of racial divide which in turn is vital for progress in Guyana. In…

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David Hinds Blog, Essays, Guyana Chronicle News

The Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett Issue—putting, Blackness and our public discourse on Race and Ethnicity in perspective

By David Hinds – guyana chronicle September 24, 2017    THERE is understandably a lot of chat about the issue surrounding the young lady, Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett, who referred to her Indian-Guyanese colleagues by the term that is both officially derogatory and to some extent informally accepted and used even by some Indian-…

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Ralph Ramkarran, Stabroek

Ethnic dominance

Conversation TreeBy Ralph Ramkarran  stabroek news The drive for ethnic dominance is an unavoidable consequence of our social history. It manifests itself in numerous ways and appears in discourses relating to social and economic policy. More importantly and fundamentally, it appears in political competition. Ideas of ethnic dominance have always shaped…

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